Letter: Reader questions Sen. Al Franken’s position on IRS, non-profit groups

To the editor:

I routinely read three newspapers each day.  The Wall Street Journal in print and the New York Times and the Star Tribune on the web and thus try to stay informed on various subjects.

I am certainly not a political junkie but do read some of that content to keep current on various events that impact all of us.

This week I noted that the Center for Competitive Politics filed a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee relative to Sen. Al Franken.

He was one of nine Senators named for pushing the IRS to slow down or block the paperwork/approval of various non-profit groups that were pushing and spending money to discredit various Democrats.

He specifically asked for “…an investigation of conservative 501(c)(4) organizations.”

And Sen. Franken wrote two times in two separate months pushing the IRS to stop the approvals of these organizations.

You do not need to be a partisan person to say it is wrong for someone from the Congress to write urging that a branch of the government select certain groups for harassing.

President Barack Obama most likely did not participate in this illegal act but others stepped forward and did it for the party.

This summer when our junior senator comes into the area, we need to challenge him to explain his past actions and hold him accountable.

I further learned that these targeted organizations are indeed non-profit but are required to pay taxes and this distinguishes them from other non-profits that operate tax-free. This is as it should be.

Bob Esse
Silver Creek Township