Monticello Middle School students rally around carbon dioxide car races


Monticello Middle School students ended the year with the running of the school’s semi-annual CO2 races. According to teacher Mike Stadther, the May 30 races were part of a transportation power and energy unit for seventh graders in the technology education classroom. The curriculum teaches the students how to use the design process to solve a problem. According to Stadther, the design process includes many steps including idea generation, sketching, design drawing, building a prototype, and testing the design. Students are required to work with specifications and tolerances just like engineers.  There were four new race champions crowned this year and a new track record set by Alec Smeija with a race time of 1.070.  For more information on CO2 racing and why it’s included it in the Monticello Middle School technology education program visit

(Photo Courtesy Chris Lommel)