Monticello School District honors 2014 retirees, outstanding staff

District teachers, staff and administrators gathered Thursday, June 5, for the Monticello schools all-staff recognition awards inside the Monticello High School auditorium.

Each year, the awards are conducted on the last day of school, after students have been released for the school year. The hour-long program featured Rob Boraas and Mike McDowell as masters of ceremonies.

Superintendent Jim Johnson recognized district employees for their years of service and this year’s group of retirees. Monticello School District 2013-2014 retirees who were honored during the June 5 ceremony included Judy Bistodeau, paraprofessional, Mark Cushman,instructor, Jeanne Dunn, instructor, Jean Hansen, speech clinician, Sue Hedtke, instructor, Pat Hugget, instructor, John Lanners, instructor, Brenda Mayer, special education coordinator, Joe Nelson, custodian, Laurie Ostwald, special education coordinator, Cathy Reitan, paraprofessional and Sharon Wilhelm, paraprofessional.Outstanding Service Awards for the 2013-2014 school year were presented to the following Monticello School District staff members: Tana Kalnbach – Presenters: Darla Robek, Jessica Bilben and Karen Brion; Deb Rathbone – Presenter: Andy Zigan; Becca Kittel – Presenter: Luke Feierabend; Friend of Education – Sharon Pesonen, Presenters: Jessica Herbst, Monica Derby and Lori Heinz; Shannon Welle – Presenters: Anne Miller, Sue Hedtke and Michelle Thompson; Sherry Holmgren – Presenters: Jason Telecky, Craig Geyen, and Gary Revenig. See the print edition of this week’s Monticello Times for the full list of Monticello Public Schools  employees who were honored for their respective years of service.

Compiled by Tim Hennagir – [email protected]