Reader questions role of church in reporting of Walsh allegations

To the editor:

Thank you to the Monticello Times staff for its extra effort to assemble the extensive coverage of the events that have dramatically impacted Harry Walsh.

I have never met him nor am I part of his Catholic faith.  But we are of a similar age and I can only imagine the impact the wrecking of one’s reputation can have on a person’s psychic.

The article notes he was a “casualty” of the system.  That is the outcome when you have what appears to be a totally dysfunctional organization dealing with difficult issues that are beyond the skill set of the managers.  To think that relevant documents that would help clear his name are not available for his view or anyone else in today’s environment is unthinkable.

It is most likely easier for a reporter to secure information under the Freedom of Information Act than it is for a priest in the system to clear his name.

Much of this latest publicity scenario started with Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) coming to do an interview and then apparently selectively presenting what they heard.  I imagine Mr. Walsh told MPR much the same detail as he shared with the Times reporter.

There are dramatically different outcome themes to each of their stories.

I am a member of MPR and I have written them two different letters now suggesting they step forward and rectify their story.

Do not hold your breath waiting for their response.  Mr. Walsh, like myself, probably has about plus or minus 10 years of life left.

I certainly hope he can find comfort and peace and be able to enjoy his life and leave these discomforting issues behind.

He should be aware there is a lot of strong support for him in the Monticello community.
And it goes beyond the families of his faith.

Bob Esse
Silver Creek