Vintage Executive Golf Course expands cups, fun factor

Golfing just got a lot less frustrating and a lot more rewarding at the Vintage Executive Golf Course at Riverwood National.

Last Thursday, Vintage installed 15-inch cups, yes, 15 inches, on each of their 18 putting greens. The new cups are drastically bigger than the average 4.25-inch cups, which will also remain on the greens – allowing golfers to choose their own experience.

Riverwood Golf Pro Steve Fessler said that the golf course acquired the unique holes through TaylorMade, a popular golf company that made just 100 packages of these particular holes to give away.

While 8-inch holes have graced a few golf courses in recent years, Fessler said Vintage is the first local golf course he knows of to acquire the 15-inch cups.

The goal of the bigger cups is simple, to make golf easier and therefore more fun.

“Our whole goal with it was to give the golfer a different experience,” said Fessler.

It also allows drastically different caliber golfers to play together and compete on similar levels, such as golfers young and old.

“Kids get a kick out of getting a chance to compete with their parents,” added Fessler.

The golf pro first stumbled across the idea at a conference in Florida last year. He knew immediately that it would be a great fit for the smaller of the two golf courses at Riverwood National.

“I just thought it was a perfect scenario for that golf course,” he said. “It’s for the golfer who just wants to enjoy their experience.”

Fessler said it’s a little too early to tell just how much the big holes might change scores turned in at Vintage, but the small sample size has already provided some very important feedback.

“People love it,” said Fessler, adding that the holes have already led to several rave reviews. “They literally drive across the road to tell us.”

Fessler said the course plans to promote the holes through the rest of summer, as they try to hook as many golfers as possible with this new, easier, and possibly more fun way of play.

Vintage Executive will be hosting junior events at the course next week, and they are working to put together a night golf event in September using glow in the dark balls and the 15-inch cups.

They’re also running specials to get regular golfers to the course. After 1 p.m. it costs $20 for a twosome to play Vintage, $27 for a threesome and just $32 for a foursome.

Vintage Executive course is located at 10444 94th St. NE in Otsego. For reservations or more information, call (763)-271-5005


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