Letters to the Editor: Oct. 23

Candidate’s legal counsel says ECM should renounce endorsement

To the editor:

When ECM Publishers gave Tom Emmer the “nod” in its publication-wide endorsement, it came with “caveats.” The endorsement could easily have been interpreted as a signal that he skates on thin ice, as ECM appeared to condition it on one critical premise made “for the public’s sake”: Emmer must agree to debate John Denney (I) and Joe Perske (D).

Emmer contradicted ECM’s wishes on Oct. 13 when he dodged a transportation forum in Denney’s hometown, Forest Lake. Since then, Emmer developed a pattern of leaving Sixth District voters behind.

Emmer dodged another debate on October 17 when St. Cloud State University cancelled the debate it slated for the end of this month, reasoning that “it took too long to hear back from all candidates.”

Notably, Denney accepted SCSU’s invitation on Sept. 10 and Perske accepted shortly after. On Sept. 28, SCSU reported that Emmer never replied to their invite.

It is not surprising that Emmer dodged this debate, as Denney is a SCSU alum, who recently unveiled a new plan to resolve the student loan debt crisis.

On Oct, 20, when Denney and Perske arrived at the Big Lake Chamber of Commerce forum, again, Emmer was nowhere to be found.

Event organizers frustratingly reported that Emmer failed to respond to several invitations.

In dodging these debates, Emmer has withheld from voters the opportunity “to size up the candidates.”

Some may argue that the voters’ proper recourse would be to simply not vote for him. However, ECM holds the keys to a much more appropriate remedy. That is, for the public’s sake, ECM must immediately renounce the Emmer endorsement.

John Matthew Schwietz, Esq. Legal Counsel, John Denney for Congress

Reader says Glen Posusta will serve city well as Monticello mayor

To the editor:

My husband, David, and I will be voting for Glen Posusta for mayor.

Three years ago, we had a cul-de-sac being constructed on East River Street. At the same time that that was occurring, the city was building a sidewalk in front of our house on Cedar Street.

The sidewalk took about 8 feet off of the front of our lot and would have made about a 2-foot drop-off on that side of our yard.

At first we understood that the city was building a wall to retain the soil in this area and then we were told that that was our problem.

In speaking with the workers from the Public Works Department, we understood that we could put the wall in but would have to bear the cost of it ourselves.

Glen drove by after that to ask us how we were doing with all of the roadwork and the sidewalk.

When we told him about having to pay for the wall and put it up ourselves, he was surprised.

The end result was that he had our issues put on the council agenda. He told David to be at that city council meeting and to bring receipts.

He also had his wife call us to remind us of the meeting. He was a caring council member and will do the same for our city as the mayor in the future.

Bonnie Stromberg

Lloyd Hilgart will continue hard work to benefit Monticello citizens

To the editor:

I choose Lloyd Hilgart as candidate for Monticello City Council.

Lloyd acquired a great deal of experience dealing with local issues while serving as city council member from 2011 to 2014.

In this four-year position, Lloyd gained respect from the public as well as the other council members and city staff.

Lloyd, a long-time Monticello resident, is very well liked and respected in the community.

He brings excellent credentials to this position.  Lloyd owns a business in the city of Monticello and has been an active supporter of the Monticello Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

In addition to a council member, Lloyd also spent seven years on the Planning Commission.  Lloyd understands the ins and outs of city government and what is needed to accomplish the many tasks placed before him.

You will have a voice and concerns will be addressed if Lloyd is re-elected.

I’ve known Lloyd for many years and he is honest, reliable and willing to work the long hours needed for the position.

I believe Mr. Hilgart is the best qualified for this position for the next four years.

He will continue to work towards keeping Monticello a great place to live and do business by thoroughly researching pertinent issues and making sound decisions.

If you want to see honest hard working people in government, join me in supporting Lloyd Hilgart for city council.

Sandy Suchy

Media outlets could do better job with Ebola reporting effort

To the editor:

I am concerned with the focus the media has been putting on recent cases of Ebola.

While Ebola is a serious problem, the fear-mongering has many people act like this is the second coming of the bubonic plague.

There has only been a limited number of confirmed cases of Ebola compared to the tens of thousands of influenza deaths per year even in non-pandemic years.

The fear that is being perpetuated is more harmful than the disease itself, and yet nobody seems to care.

It is simply depressing how people give into panic when they feel they are threatened, even when they are in no actual danger.

The major media outlets could better serve people by not reporting on Ebola, but instead focusing on how people are much more likely to die from not taking care of themselves.

You are many times more likely to die from heart disease, cancer or accidents than Ebola.

Gabe Ziebol
Big Lake