HTS Episode 1: Time Atlas

Grayson DeWolfe started off as a solo artist at the age of 14, but once he started playing with other musicians such as Kristoff Druva and Josh Bening he knew he wanted to start playing with them as a band. That is when DeWolfe, Druva, Bening, Adam Feuring, and Aaron Gates became Time Atlas. After receiving more than 90,000 views on their cover of Maroon 5’s song “Unkiss Me” they were ready to launch their own official music video. On June 7, The band released their new song and video on YouTube to their original song called “Falling.”

Time Atlas has a growing number of fans throughout the Twin Cities. The band hopes their music will satisfy a range of tastes. “We want to be pretty diverse about our songs so we can kind of touch you know people who like different genres and everything and I think we did a good job at that,” says guitarist Bening. They will next be performing on Friday, Aug. 14 in Lacrosse, Wisconsin.

“Get ready everyone,” says DeWolfe as they kick off their new adventures with their band members beside them. For more information you can check them out at For upcoming performances you can also visit their website at