Does your dream include a log home?


It’s probably safe to assume that almost every Minnesotan has their idea of the perfect getaway in the northwoods next to a lake.

We’ve probably marveled at the craftsmanship at a favorite resort lodge or a well-constructed vacation home, the finely woven log construction and natural beams, the gleen of polished wood, and said, “Some day…”

Well, some day does come. Log Homes Minnesota, based in Walker, Minnesota, has been making those dreams a reality for 35 years, building custom homes for clients throughout the state on their favorite tract of land. Year after year, Log Homes Minnesota continues to build a great rapport with their clients. In fact, their number one source of business is referral, clients telling friends and family members.

Log Homes Minnesota has the expertise and flexibility to start at the blueprint stage with every client … so your home can be whatever you want it to be. The home is designed to meet your needs, budget and enhance your property.

The LHM crew is well trained, have many years of experience and just love to build. The office staff, foremen and carpenters communicate and work together to ensure every detail is taken care of. Most importantly they take the time to listen to clients.

LoghomesBTheir customer testimonials are impressive:

“Building a house can be a trying experience for some people, that was NOT our experience working with Log Homes Minnesota. In 1999 we were looking to build a home on Potato Lake in Park Rapids, MN. We had been told that log houses were expensive to build, so we were looking for a conventional builder. A friend of ours was just completing a log home with Log Homes Minnesota and recommended we talk with them. After meeting with Log Homes Minnesota’s sales representative, Steve Larson, we decided to go forward and have them build our home. We had existing floor plan ideas and Log Homes, Minnesota was able to adapt our plans and designed our gorgeous new lake home. We completed the house in February of 2000.

In 2002, the beautiful wooded lot next door to us became available. We contacted Steve Larson again and decided to build a second home with Log Homes Minnesota on the new lot. Our second home was a modification of the first, similar in some respects, but also very different in others. The building process, however, was the same – efficient and enjoyable. The second home was completed in May 2003. Building a second home with the same builder within 2 1/2 years of the first building experience says a lot about the builder. I’m not looking to build a third house soon but if we were we would build it with Log Homes Minnesota. We found that their costs were competitive, they completed things when they said they would, their “builders” were craftsmen, their subs were easy to work with and respectful. We couldn’t be happier with the product that we received from Log Homes Minnesota and we do not hesitate in recommending them to anyone considering building a home.”

Log Homes Minnesota is located just north of Walker, which is in north central Minnesota, right on highway 371. You can’t miss it, as they have three model homes, that provide the perfect opportunity to view the outstanding quality up close and give you plenty of ideas to incorporate into your dream home.

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