Personal trainer, chef team up to help others improve health, wellness

By Kari Kounkel
Monticello Times

Personal Trainer George Kadlec and Chef/Group Fitness instructor Kevin Bame hold the premise that being fit and healthy happens when people eat well and incorporate exercise into their daily lives. Their new 360° Live It programs teach attendees how to do both.

Four years ago, Bame decided to take control of his health. He connected with Kadlec at Fitness Evolution for personal training, and lost 95 pounds over the course of 13 months.

Bame didn’t do anything drastic or extreme; he worked out and ate healthy. Bame said the habits he developed have become a way of life, and it shows in his continued wellness.

Bame had experience in the restaurant-service business and as a caterer. But it wasn’t until he began his quest for better health that he taught himself to prepare healthy and delicious food.

Like many of us, the extent of Bame’s knowledge of healthy eating was fed through marketing campaigns by companies like Lean Cuisine.

“Marketing has done its job,” Bame said. “Most people don’t realize how much sodium and preservatives are put in frozen diet food.”

Bame said corporate-based programs are funded by employers, who offer their employees a one- or two-day health fair followed by eight or 10 weeks of food and boot camps.

Companies willing to invest in their employees by offering this type of program see improved health and productivity in their employees. The boot camps are progressive in nature and led by Kadlec, who modifies them to each user’s ability level,

Kadlec teaches simple activities while pushing people to do things they didn’t think they could do. During food camp, attendees learn healthy eating habits, see demonstrations of food prep, and sample the food. They also learn how to shop for good food.

Bame said 360° Live It offers similar camps for the general public.  More information about the upcoming offerings is found on their Facebook page, 360 Live It. The camps are similar to the corporate offerings, and are conducted at Fitness Evolution in Monticello.

Thanks to a special arrangement with Fitness Evolution, membership is not required to attend the classes.  Each class consists of a workout followed by a healthy snack and the recipe to make it at home.

Bame said 80 percent of living a healthy life and attaining fitness goals stems from understanding the nutritional part of the puzzle and how food fuels workouts.

Health and wellness offerings are not limited to the camps.  Starting earlier in the month, Jab Jams is a fun and rhythmic conditioning workout.

Attendees learn boxing and kickboxing, while jumping rope and working abdominal muscles.  The classes are on Wednesdays for 10 weeks.  On Jan. 23, Bame and Kadlec are offering a fitness goal seminar that will include nutritional coaching. Both offerings will take place at Fitness Evolution in Monticello.

Bame and Kadlec are certified by the non-profit organization, National Exercise Trainer Association (NETA). For more information about NETA certification, visit

Kari Kounkel is a freelance feature writer for the Monticello Times.