Monticello chiropractor April Studer explains holistic health approach

By Kari Kounkel
Monticello Times

With 50 percent of American men and 33 percent of American women developing cancer during their lifetimes, most people are familiar with the most common treatments for cancer and have heard of radiation and chemotherapy.

However, just as there are many forms of cancer, there are many forms of chemotherapy.

Less familiar are holistic methodologies. April Studer of Monticello-based Studer Chiropractic has given much thought to cancer and cancer treatments.

Studer’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999.  Five years later, she was diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

“I have read and investigated alternative therapies in depth,” Studer said. “My interest has continued due to the ever-increasing levels of cancer diagnosis and deaths. I do not treat cancer, but I am interested in allowing the body to work to its fullest God-given potential for the highest quality of life possible.” Her research has led her to recommend strategies to improve health and boost the immune system.

“There are various ways to address the problem,” Studer said. “The body is a self-healing, self-maintaining masterpiece by design. It functions best under certain conditions and is left with much room for malfunction when the internal environment is not ideal.”

Studer maintains that creating an environment within the body that is not friendly for cancer growth could help prevent and even treat cancer.

“For instance, cancer thrives on sugar, so the elimination of sugar is important,” she said. “Research shows that cancer cells contain more insulin receptor sites than a healthy cell, so sugar will feed the cancer cell first.”   

The pH of our bodies is also a factor.  Cancer cells do not thrive in an alkaline environment.  “Eating lots of deep green foods, veggies, and drinking ionized water help maintain an alkaline environment,” Studer said.

Many people are familiar with antioxidants, and the important role they plan in general nutrition.

“Cancer does not like a well-oxygenated environment, so it is critical to increase levels of cellular oxygenation,” Studer explained. “Cells are oxygenated by regular exercise, healthy nutrition, and using essential oils.”

Essential oils appear to help battle cancer by preventing angiogenesis, or the growth of cancer-feeding veins and arteries within the cancer itself.

“A healthy gut is necessary in any health battle including cancer.”  A healthy gut is one in which the bacteria is balanced.  Part of maintaining a healthy gut could include ingesting pre- and pro-biotics.

When asked what she would do if she received a diagnosis of cancer, Studer mentioned  the Biomedical Center (Hoxsey Clinic) in Tijuana, Mexico.

The clinic is well-known for using the following therapies: herbal/nutritional formulas, hyperthermia, special diets, vitamins and minerals, lifestyle counseling, positive attitude therapies, and indicated conventional medical treatments.

Each of the recommended therapies focuses on strengthening the immune system and making the environment of the body conductive to healthy cell development.

Studer has also studied Gerson Therapy, which helps patients flood the body with nutrients from about 15 to 20 pounds of organically-grown fruits and vegetables every day.

Most of the vegetables are used to make fresh, raw juice, and the patient is instructed to drink one glass every hour up to 13 times each day.  This process detoxifies the body, eliminating wastes, regenerating the liver, reactivating the immune system, and restoring the body’s essential defenses.

“With generous, high-quality nutrition, increased oxygen availability, detoxification, and improved metabolism, the cells – and the body – can regenerate, become healthy and prevent future illness,” Studer said.

Studer is very passionate about the power of the body to heal itself when properly fed, moved, and rested.

“The ideas and options I describe will do no harm, but they have the potential to significantly improve the function of your body and immune system.”

Studer Chiropratic is located at 113 Locust St, Monticello. Follow Studer on Facebook or visit

Kari Kounkel is a freelance feature writer for the Monticello Times.