Mills Fleet Farm submits application for 165,000 square-foot Monticello store

Mills Fleet Farm has submitted a revised land use application for a 165,000 square-foot retail store located on currently owned property in Monticello.

The proposed project is located on the same parcels proposed by Mills Fleet Farm in a prior city application in 2007 and includes a vehicle fuel sales facility, a car wash and two future development parcels, Community Development Director Angela Schumann told the Monticello Times Tuesday afternoon.

Widseth Smith Nolting (WSN) a Minnesota-based architectural engineering firm, submitted the application on behalf of Mills Fleet Farm, Schumann said.

Monticello Planning Commission members will consider a Mills Fleet Farm’s request for amendment to the Monticello Zoning Ordinance, an amendment to the city’s official zoning map for rezoning from regional business to a planned unit development, a request for development and final stage planned unit development, and a request for a preliminary and final plat at a meeting Tuesday, July 5, Schumann said.

Pending a decision for recommendation by the Monticello Planning Commission, the land use application and recommendation of the planning commission will move forward to the city council for review and decision.