Wright County Board District 2 candidates participate in question, answer session; audio available

Wright County Commissioner District 2 candidates Tom Perrault and Darek Vetsch participated in a hour-and-a-half question-and-answer session with voters Thursday, Oct. 20, at Silver Creek Township Hall.

Wright County Commissioner District 2 includes the city of Clearwater, city of Maple Lake, city of Monticello, Clearwater Township, Maple Lake Township Precincts 1A and 1B, Monticello Township and Silver Creek Township.

Perrault and Vetsch answered the following questions. They also took questions from audience members.

Click below to listen to complete audio from the forum:

1) What will be your No. 1 budget priority when working with other commissioners if you are elected this November?

2) What is your position on collaborating with other counties to more effectively deliver human services or other programs?

3) The Wright County Planning Commission is meeting in Buffalo tonight. One subject is amending an ordinance on land usage related to solar energy farms. Do you have any general or specific points to bring forth relative to this somewhat controversial subject?

4) A financial page on the Wright County website currently indicates a pension liability of approximately $33 million. Are either of you aware of the background and overview regarding this very large debt?

5) The county’s general obligation bond total is approximately $57 million from building the jail and other infrastructure such as sewer. After accounting for financial commitments for the new courthouse, what other bonding projects would you seek as priorities if you are elected?

6) The Highway 55 Corridor Coalition is working to upgrade the road from Interstate 494 to Annandale. County, city and township governments along the road are all members. Would you be willing to serve this coalition and support its efforts if elected?

7) The Star Tribune recently reported there’s a lack of people filing for public office. Approximately 7 percent of statewide office openings have no one filing. What can we do to get more people involved in lower echelons of government?

8) Physical and mental issues and family situations are a growing issue at all levels of government. Wright County Health & Human Services spends approximately $20 million a year. What insights do you have about doing more to address this problem?

See this week’s Monticello Times print edition and website for full coverage of this commissioner forum.

Wright County District 2 Candidate Darek Vetsch
Wright County District 2 Candidate Darek Vetsch
Wright County District 2 Candidate Tom Perrault
Wright County District 2 Candidate Tom Perrault

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