Monticello Department of Motor Vehicles has record-setting year

The Monticello Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) had a record-setting year in terms of increased transactions and revenue growth, Finance Director Wayne Oberg reported Feb. 13 during his annual department update.

The DMV administers Minnesota’s licensing and titling laws and registers all vehicles in its office, including automobiles, trailers, motorcycles, mopeds, and all DNR vehicles.

As a deputy registrar’s office, the Monticello Department of Motor Vehicles also offers a notary service.

“I’m very blessed to have six talented leaders under my umbrella,” Oberg said during his Feb. 13 update. “They turned in some awesome numbers last year.”

The city’s DMV remains a high market share and low market growth operation, Oberg said.

“There are strategies with being a cash cow,” he added. “We have to maintain aggressive marketing, improve efficiencies, sell more to existing customers and reach out to new customer groups.”

In 2015, Oberg said he was worried about reaching 70,000 transactions. In 2016, Monticello DMV staff processed 75,891 transactions.

“That’s a super number for our DMV,” he said. “There’s been a steady increase in transactions, and revenue has grown.”

In 2016, revenue totaled $561,357, an increase of almost 6 percent, Oberg said.“Last year was the first time we went over $500,000.”

Councilmember Charlotte Gabler asked Oberg how much of the DMV’s revenue stays within the city. “All of it,” Oberg replied.

Oberg also told city leaders that he uses specific metrics to measure performance, In 2016, the previously mentioned 75,891 transactions generated average revenue per transaction of $7.40, average cost per transaction of $4.30, and net revenue per transaction of $3.10, Oberg explained.

“What I really think is amazing is that in 2016, there were 9,878 hours worked, compared to 10,834 hours in 2015,” he said.

Deputy Registrar Manager Carolyn Granger and her staff delivered better service and higher numbers with better inputs, Oberg explained, adding the group did 5.2 times the transaction per unit of population when Monticello’s DMV percentage was compared with state transactions averages.

“I have a fantastic team,” Granger said. “Our mission is excellent customer service, which in turn makes money. We get honest feedback from our customers,” Granger said, adding her team did 700 unpaid Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) transactions, 400 disability certifications, and answered 2,500 calls last year.

“We are open Saturdays and remain busy,” she said. “We earned high ratings on our communications, courtesy, and knowledge, and had 62 dealers and customers responding to our survey.”

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