Monticello Times will take retrospective look at 1997 bus crash

Monticello Times Readers:

Twenty years ago this month, the community of Monticello banded together after an early morning crash between a school bus and a gravel truck killed three Pinewood elementary students and seriously injured others.

The crash at the intersection of County Road 39 and County Road 11 also killed the driver of the truck.

In the coming weeks, the Monticello Times will revisit the April 10, 1997, school bus accident with a retrospective series of stories featuring interviews with those who experienced one of the darkest days in Monticello’s history.

The newspaper’s goal in providing advance notice of this coverage is simple.

We wish to mark the significance of an event that changed the community in numerous ways.

We will do so respectfully, being mindful of the lives that were lost and the families that were affected.

—Monticello Times Managing Editor Tim Hennagir—