Monticello Times All-City Garage Sale returns this weekend

Everybody accumulates the kind of garage sale items that other people are searching for, and are willing to buy.

These items range from no longer wanted or outgrown items of clothing, to furniture, tools, knick-knacks, books, and toys.

The Monticello All-City Garage Sale is a special community event. Early each year, it doesn’t take long before the Monticello Times newspaper staff fields the first phone call asking about reduced early bird advertising and the exact sale date. Traditionally, the All-City Garage Sale is held the first Saturday after Mother’s Day.

Please use the locator map below to plot your path to the garage sales of your choice. Just click on the image link at the bottom of this post.

Remember to watch for the official Monticello Times garage sale signs that have letter keys written on them when you are out and about this coming Saturday.

And, if you are planning a summer sale, don’t forget to contact Classified Senior Account Executive Norma Carstensen at (952) 442-6820 to advertise your event.

All garage sale ads that appear in the newspaper’s classified section are posted online at

Enjoy your shopping excursion, and thanks for visiting the Monticello Times online.

Managing Editor Tim Hennagir