Letters to the Editor: June 8

Reader has praise for group of MHS valedictorians

To the editor:

The Monticello graduation was held last Friday evening and seating was limited. Not everyone got to see the outstanding performance that took place.

Six graduating seniors each had a 4.0 GPA and were named valedictorians. For their presentation, they prepared a video with the story of a graduate’s life as if it were a tree.

The old nemeses “technical difficulties” kept the audience from seeing what most likely had involved hours of editing and reworking to get to the final product ready to show.

However, we ended up with a much better event.

Because it appeared after reworking the order of the evening’s events, we were still not going to see the video, the six girls huddled together on the fieldhouse stage and decided that each of them would give an impromptu speech about what they had put together.

One talked about the roots of the tree being the family and grounding and support they received.

Another talked about the trunk being the education to give them strength to reach out and live their life.

Another talked about the branches, another about the leaves and their meaning etc. This was far superior to the video.

Each of the six was able, on very short notice, to speak for a couple minutes about one area of the tree and were extremely poised in doing so.

I mentioned this to the person sitting next to me and he said, “That is why they are valedictorians!”

It was rewarding to see what they could do in the spontaneity of the moment when under pressure to deliver.

Congratulations to all of you, including the 292 Monticello High School graduates! Well done.

Bob Esse
Silver Creek Township