Monticello School Board takes action on hockey cooperative agreement

District 882 School Board members unanimously voted Monday night to approve an application for a 2017-18 boys hockey program cooperative agreement with Maple Lake.

Last month, the Monticello board voted 4-1 to totally discontinue the existing cooperative contract with Annandale and Maple Lake.

The action taken Monday night allows Monticello to submit an application to the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) for a cooperative arrangement with only Maple Lake.

Maple Lake will vote on the hockey agreement with Monticello at its June 12 school board meeting, reported Superintendent Jim Johnson.

Activities Director Gary Revenig provided board members with a brief update on the hockey program Monday night. “The next step for our boys’ hockey team is to have our school board approve a co-op with Maple Lake,” Revenig said. “If we approve that tonight, and Maple Lake approves it at their meeting, then the high school league will get it.”

Once those steps are complete, Revenig said the MSHSL will place the Monticello-Maple Lake team into a Class A section.

“Once they place us in a section, I’ll have to reach out to all of the schools in that section and let them know we are a co-op team and that we’ll be playing in their section.”

Revenig said that the two-school pairing would be for two seasons.

Johnson said one question that had come up in recent weeks was a team name.

“I’ve talked with Annandale, and the plan for us is to continue with the Moose name, with respect to Annandale being a former co-op member. If you look at the uniforms and all of the other things that we have, they were fine with it.”

During discussion, Boardmember Jill Bartlett asked if Annandale had selected a team name and partner.

“They have requested to join with Buffalo,” Revenig said. “The Buffalo School District is considering that at this time. As we move forward the next two years, we’ve met with the superintendent and activities director at Maple Lake, and the name that’s been recommended in case there are changes in the future, the team [going forward] would be called the Monticello Moose.”

Revenig explained other area hockey teams that are involved with a co-op go with the host school name, then they come up with a name for their team.

“Buffalo just goes with Buffalo Bison Hockey,” he said. “I’m recommending we just stay with Moose because it’s the name we have on everything.”

Boardmember Jeff Hegle asked if Maple Lake would be making a financial contribution to the joint hockey program.

“Yes, they would,” Revenig said. “We split expenses evenly by the number of players from each school. We keep track of that and divide it up.” Johnson said that type of agreement would be similar to what District 882 has with St. Michael-Albertville for girls hockey.

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