Monticello city leaders get post-storm update

Monticello council members received a post-severe storm and wind damage update Monday night from Mayor Brian Stumpf and Communications Coordinator Rachel Leonard.

“It certainly didn’t fit the category of catastrophic, but if you were involved with it, it is for you,” Mayor Brian Stumpf commented, addressing Monticello residents and referring to Sunday’s powerful storms that downed trees and sent debris flying.

Stumpf thanked the Wright County Sheriff’s Office for traffic control around downed power lines and communications coordination during the event.

“The Monticello Fire Department responded to 18 calls Sunday,” Stumpf said. “Those calls for service included power lines down, reports of injuries, traffic control, and fire response,” Stumpf said. “Monticello Public Works assessed for tree damage, monitored the city’s lift stations and wells, and they made sure the back-up generators were fueled up and running.”

Stumpf said city staff were extremely busy Monday morning responding to phone calls and questions from residents. “The phone was ringing off the hook,” Stumpf said. City staff has a backup plan for public works if the phones become too busy; callers are redirected to city hall.

The city of St. Michael also provided extra equipment to Monticello city crews. “This is going to take some time to clean up,” Stumpf said. “You can put your brush out at the curb and the city will chip it. I did a drive-through of a couple of hard-hit areas, and it’s amazing to see how fast people have debris out to the road where it should be.”

Stumpf then had Leonard provide additional information regarding the storm’s impact on the city.

Edmonson Avenue will be closed between School Boulevard and 85th Street until approximately Thursday of this week for utility repair work following the storms this past weekend, Leonard reported.

Access to the Featherstone neighborhood will remain available, but all other drivers should use alternative routes, Leonard said.

Branch removal is available from Monticello Public Works for anything 6 inches in diameter or smaller, Leonard said. Please call Public Works and leave a message with just your address to be added to the list. Please note, due to high call volumes, residents will not receive a return phone call but will be added to a call list.

Crews will be collecting branches for removal from the neighborhoods throughout the week. There is no charge for this service if the branches are removed the week of June 12 to June 16, Leonard said. Collect fallen branches and put them by the curb with broken or cut ends facing the street.

Please do not put storm debris directly in the street. For safety, residents should not try to clean up debris around broken power lines, Leonard said.

Please wait until lines are repaired by professional crews. She also offered a friendly reminder to residents who have roof damage.”

Please check with city staff to see if a permit is required, and always research potential contractors,” she said. The city’s compost facility is for grass and leaves only; residents are not allowed to dispose of branches, sticks, or garbage there.

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