BREAKING: Monticello City Council reconsiders, approves Sunday liquor

FROM CITY OF MONTICELLO FACEBOOK PAGE: At this evening’s meeting, the Monticello City Council reconsidered its previous decision about Sunday liquor sales.

After reopening a discussion about ancillary benefits to local businesses if Sunday sales are allowed, the council voted 3-2 Monday in favor of allowing Sunday liquor sales in Monticello.

Voting in favor were Mayor Brian Stumpf, and Councilmembers Lloyd Hilgart and Charlotte Gabler. Voting against were Councilmembers Bill Fair and Jim Davidson.

City Administrator Jeff O’Neill confirmed the 3-2 vote in a phone interview with the Monticello Times this evening. Watch for an updated online story Tuesday and a print story in this week’s Monticello Times.

—Managing Editor Tim Hennagir—