Law enforcement provides quarterly update to Monticello City Council

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office presented the Monticello City Law Enforcement Quarterly Review to the Monticello City Council on Monday, July 24, for the 2nd Quarter of 2017 (April 1st – June 30th). The numbers presented were in line with the numbers the sheriff’s office saw during the same time period in 2016.

In total, there were 3,022 calls for service assigned in Monticello. That number represented a slight dip from 2016 (3,145 calls). Out of those 3,022 calls, 1,679 (55.56 percent) were assigned to patrol. That is six more cases than were assigned during the same time period in 2016. General thefts were down 20 cases (62 to 42) from 2016, while damage to property jumped 20 cases (from 10 to 30).

Lieutenant Eric Kunkel presented the numbers to the city council, and he said the jump in property damage didn’t appear to be any sort of sustained trend.

“Just a spike in the number,” said Kunkel.

Both drug and juvenile complaints were also down during 2017. Assault complaints were up from 5 to 11, while domestic disturbance complaints moved down 12 from last year to this year (62 to 50).

There were 817 traffic stops made during the second quarter, a significant increase from the 660 made during the second quarter last year. Those stops resulted in 317 total citations issued, compared to 246 last year. Forty two individuals were arrested/booked into jail during the quarter, a five-person increase from 2016.

There were 38 total cases assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division, with fraud, theft and criminal sexual conduct cases being the most frequent crimes investigated. There were five cases assigned to the Major Crimes Investigation Unit during the quarter, including criminal damage to property, a death investigation, and assault.

Kunkel added that there were several victims of identity theft and similar scams throughout Monticello and the surrounding area during the second quarter.

“Some of you in this room probably got phone calls soliciting different scams,” said Kunkel. “That’s what these numbers are reflecting.”

The lieutenant pointed out that counterfeit money continues to be a problem in the area as well.

“That has continued at a lot of our businesses in town,” said Kunkel. “10s, 20s, 50s and several hundred dollar bills have been passed that were fraudulent in nature.”

There were 39 cases assigned to the school resource officers in the Monticello school district during the second quarter, with theft, social media and harassment being the most common cases. Kunkel also informed the council that mental health issues continue to be a common problem in all local schools.

The Wright County Sheriff’s Special Investigations Unit investigated 12 cases during the second quarter, the majority of which were drug crimes. They performed two controlled buys during the year and served three narcotic search warrants. In total, the SIU seized .57 grams of Methamphetamine, .26 grams of cocaine, eight tabs of LSD, four vehicles, and made three felony arrests for controlled substance violations.

Compiled by Clay Sawatzke – [email protected]